Competition Trophy

For GEBA balloonists that enjoy this activity, competition involves flying in different types of events throughout the season, which is November 16th through November 15th of the following year. Points are awarded for each event/task completed. At the end of the year, those with the greatest number of points are recognized by the club. Competition flying provides pilots with an opportunity to increase their flying skills through various types of events/tasks.


Winner of Competition Trophy for 2017
Jim Duncan


Past Winners

2004 – Uli Krahenbuhl
2005 – Jon Radowski
2006 – Ken Leota
2007 – Uli Krahenbuhl
2008 – Tim Strand
2009 – Uli Krahenbuhl
2010 – Christine Serra
2011 – Uli Krahenbuhl
2012 – Rodger Kell
2013 – Mark MacSkimming
2014 – Matt Lidinsky
2015 – Keith Sproul
2016 – Matt Lidinsky