Landowner Relations

Chairperson: Karen Bowker
Liaison: Tony Saxton


Landowner Appreciation Program

GEBA sponsors a program that encourages positive landowner relations. All pilot members are provided a supply of landowner appreciation cards at the beginning of each year, at no cost. Additional cards may be purchased for a nominal sum, as needed. A card is given to the property owner where a flight ends. These encourage landowners to provide feedback on their experience with balloonists. At the end of the year all cards are entered into a drawing for “thank you” prizes. The cards are then returned to the balloonist as part of a critique process. Additionally, the landowner committee will become involved in certain issues concerning problem resolution. GEBA is very aware of the need to maintain good landowner relations and notifies pilots of prohibited areas, as appropriate.


Balloon Information for Landowners

Many people assume that if they see a hot air balloon descending into a yard or field that it is “crashing”. This is (generally) an incorrect assumption. Balloons fly with the winds and while the pilot has precise control over altitude, (up and down) the actual flight direction is up to the winds. From time to time, the wind may be blowing in “layers,” which does provide some “steering.” Therefore, balloons land where the wind takes them; frequently on private properties, such as fields, backyards, even parking lots. As we deal with landowners nearly every flight, we are careful to avoid damaging the property, including crops or livestock, during the landing process. It is our objective to minimize the effect of a landing/recovery and of course, always be courteous to the landowner. Chase crews are instructed to request permission before entering private property and to ascertain where they can/can’t drive their vehicles. If a balloon does land on your property, feel free to approach the basket. Some additional “weight” is always welcome, while waiting for the crew to arrive. This also provides an opportunity for the pilot and landowner to chat. It’s a great way to learn more about ballooning.