Chair Person: Bob Mueller
Liaison: Matt Lidinsky

About Competition

For those balloonists that enjoy this activity, competition involves flying in different types of events throughout the season, which is November 16th through November 15th of the following year. Points are awarded for each event/task completed. At the end of the year, those with the greatest number of points are recognized by the club. Competition flying provides pilots with an opportunity to increase their flying skills through various types of events/tasks.


Competition Notification

Any GEBA member who wants to let others know about a competition they are organizing can make use of the GEBA Competiton email list. This list is maintained by the Competition Committee. Just email your announcement to and it will be sent to all the pilots on the competition list. Please include your name, email address, phone number, and date, AM or PM, location of the possible competition, and any other details you can provide. The competition email group address is limited to competition announcements. Decisions to fly are very weather dependant and can be a last minute call. Please try and give as much advance notice as possible. Any GEBA member can elect to be on or off the list by notifying the Committee.


Typical Competition

Hare and the Hound

This is one of the most popular events. It consists of a lead balloon (hare) launching 15-20 minutes ahead of the competitors (hounds). The hare balloon will fly for about 30-40 minutes, then select a landing site and put a very large “X” on the ground near the balloon. The “hounds” follow the “hare” and attempt to drop their (numbered) bean bag in the center of the “X”. The one coming closest to the center is declared the winner. Very often the winning drop is less than one inch off the exact center, with the pilot flying a few feet above the surface.


Competition Rules – as of November 16, 2013


Past results